Arnest Rice Mold Lunch Box My Form (Yummy Smile Animals )

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Arnest Rice Mold My Form


Rice mold: Polyethlene (thermostable 120℃)

Nori & food cutter: ABS resin (thermostable 80℃)

Silicone sheet: Silicon rubber (thermostable 180℃)

Product Size (Approx.)(cm)

Panda rice-mold: W14 x D14 x H2.5

Cat rice-mold: W13.5 x D14.5 x H2.5

Panda food-cutter: W12.7 x D1.2 x H14.5

Cat food-cutter: W9.5 x D1.3 x H14.5

Silicon sheet: W12 x D0.3 x H45

Country of OriginL: China

Set Item

2 rice-mold, 2 food-cutter, 1 silicon sheet

Various kinds of cute one plate meal can be fixed with the set.Double-sided food cutter can make detailed face parts and smallfood motifs such as bow tie of Nori and sliced ham and cheese.
Hot steamed, or cooked rice can be supported.
Each moldprovides about 160g of rice.
Recommended hand wash only.
No use for dishwasher and dryer.
Cannot be used in the oven or microwave.

Make Lunchtime a Joy with Our Fun Kids’ Rice Mold Sets

A rice mold - an onigiri, is a Japanese dish where rice is pressed into a shape using a mold and wrapped with a strip of nori (seaweed). By using animal or other fun-shaped molds, for example, in your child’s bento lunch box in Australia, you can encourage your children to enjoy the wholesome goodness of rice and other fresh foods.

How to Incorporate Playful Rice Molds Into Your Child’s Bento Lunch Box in Australia

Using your rice mold is easy; wet the mold with cold water to prevent sticking, spoon cooked or hot steamed rice into the mold, and pack down gently. Then, turn the mold into the box and press out the shaped rice.

Little But Chic’s imported Arnest Rice Mold sets will make your life easier and light up your child’s day with an appealing 3D meal. Choose from our wide range of charming options, including:

Our convenient kits come complete with polyethylene rice molds, an ABS resin food and nori cutter or punch to add detail, and a silicone rubber sheet to cut on.

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