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Discover How to Use a Cotton or Bamboo Swaddle to Keep Baby Comforted and Calm

Bath time with your little one is a special time for both of you. Baby loves your gentle and massaging touch, the warmth of the water, and bonding with mom. Bathing your little one has also evolved, with new ways of using age-old techniques to help the baby feel safe, calm and comforted, and make your life easier.

For example, have you heard of swaddle immersion bathing? This innovative way of soothing your baby involves keeping them swaddled in the water while you wash them. You can use any soft, thin fabric, including a light baby blanket, a baby bath towel, or a cotton or bamboo swaddle.

Why Swaddle With a Baby Blanket or Baby Wrap?

There’s a good reason why mothers have been swaddling their little ones for as long as we can remember; baby loves it, and you will too. Here’s why:

Now that you know why and when to swaddle, including during bath time, how do you do it?

How to Use Swaddle Immersion With a Baby Bath Towel or Wrap

The method is simple:

By remaining swaddled, your baby feels warmer and comforted throughout. A calmer, happier and more confident mom and baby often mean easier changing, feeding and sleeping.

Always remember to wrap loosely using only one layer, keep your baby on their back when swaddled, and support them in the water. Also, once your baby can roll over on their own, it’s time to stop swaddling.

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