Mideer Let's Guess Children Early Educational Kids Colorful Cartoon Interesting Funny Educational Activity Animal Paper Guess Toys

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Mideer Children Funny Educational Activity Animal Paper Guess Toys

Contains 4 sets of game headbands, 60 game cards and 1 manual.

The game is a little bit: build a sense of rules; Emotion recognition, set up the correct view of winning and losing; Team work, improve social skills; Improve the ability of independent thinking and logical thinking; Put down the electronic products, increase the parent-child time party activities, become a little social expert; Diversified gameplay to enhance creativity; English game cards to increase your English learning.

Hair band: TPE thermoplastic elastomer material, non-toxic, safe, odorless, high resilience, soft touch;

Game card: 168G thickened copperplate card, smooth and crisp feel, rounded corners without burr, surface coated, mild waterproof.