Baby Nappies

Japanese nappies

When it comes to your baby’s nappies, you want to use nothing less than the best for them. Japanese nappies now contain the secret of an organic cotton liner, which prevents moisture build-up and reduces the likelihood of nappy rash. The best minds created the science behind these popular nappies at the manufacturers in Japan, and all the Moony, Japanese Pampers, and Merries nappies we stock are imported directly from the supplier, ensuring you receive the correct brand.

While many disposable diapers have a one-step process to keeping fluids locked in, these Japanese nappies use a five-step technique that prevents any harm to your baby’s sensitive skin. When designing these nappies, the manufacturers spared no expense and kept your child’s skin sensitivity in mind. They decided to use an organic cotton sheet that keeps your baby’s skin soft and dry. While most of the materials use little to no additional additives, which prevent the possibility of an allergic reaction, they do contain olive, jojoba, and rice oil, all of which nourish your child’s skin.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Japanese Nappies in Australia

For many years Japanese produced nappies have been known for their durability and attention to detail when it comes to your child’s needs. Many mass-produced nappies are made for the average child who may not require a softer touch due to sensitive skin or possible skin allergies, and this is when you should consider altering your diaper choice to Japanese nappies in Australia.

As a parent, you’ll want to weigh up the pros and cons of making the switch from mass-produced nappies to something made with your child’s comfort as the priority.