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We dispatch our wooden toys and other top-brand kids’ products to Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, and throughout Victoria, New South Wales, the Gold-, and Sunshine Coasts. Pick the perfect plaything, clothing, bath and baby care or bedding items for your or someone else’s little one, and we will organise delivery.

Why Do Kids Love Our Montessori-Approved Activity Cube?

Toddlers enjoy our Leo & Friends 5-in-1 activity cube because they are curious about the world. They want to see, taste, hear, touch, and move exciting, colourful objects around to discover how they work.

Why not provide these opportunities to get away from the TV or computer screen and increase your child’s self-esteem and confidence?

How Could Buying a Puzzle For Kids Possibly Offer Health Benefits?

Our brains release dopamine each time we find and put the right puzzle piece in place. An extra shot of this neurotransmitter affords pleasurable sensations, a better mood, and feelings of optimism.

Get our soft, smooth, anti-slip, waterproof baby play mat. Create a comfortable, hygienic area – indoors or outdoors – where the little ones can enjoy their activities, no matter where you go. The foldable, lightweight, crease-resistant play pad, covered with charming animal pictures on both sides, comes in a convenient storage bag.

Why Buy Toys for Kids From Little But Chic?

Our brightly coloured, 100 percent natural wood products are durable and safe. They contain non-toxic, water-based paint, smooth surfaces, and rounded corners. Our toys are small enough for tiny hands but too big for your toddler to swallow.

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