Arnest Rice Mold Lunch Box Puppy & Kitty mini-mini Onigiri Set

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  • Puppy and Kitty shaped small size (20g of onigiri) onigiri for baby food supply, party, or special occasions can be prepared with this mini-mini onigiri set, easy and fun!
  • About 20g of onigiri can be supplied by one scoop up of rice on the mold.
    Ideal for the phase when an infant becomes weaned.
  • Nori punch helps to cut out a nori sheet into little pieces of face parts with a simple procedure.
  • Hot steamed, or cooked rice can be supported.
  • Recommended hand wash only.
  • No use for dishwasher and dryer.
  • Cannot be used in the oven or microwave.
  • Material:
    Rice mold : Polypropylene (thermostable 120 °C)
    Nori puncher : ABS resin, Zinc alloy
  • Product Size (Approx.)(mm):
    Puppy & Kitty mold: W50 x D135 x H30
    Nori punch : W25 x D25 x H30
  • Packaging Size (mm):
    W125 x D230 x H35