Leo & Friends 27-Piece Kid’s Pizza Toy Set toddler wooden toys

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Leo & Friends 27-Piece Kid’s Pizza Toy Set 

Play Pretend Pizza Toy Slices, Toppings, Pizza Cutter For Toddlers | Perfect Kid’s Cooking Toy Kit For Birthdays, Holidays

ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION IN KIDS: This play food pizza set will get your little baker excited in the kitchen as they explore different toppings, slices, and pizza cutting techniques. Pay for the fake toy food and watch your kid come to life with this engaging pizza toy.

* MASSIVE 27-PIECE PLAY FOOD SET FOR KIDS: We've included 15 different toppings, 5 slices of pizza, one serving platter, one pizza cutter, and one serving spatula in this kid's pizza set oven toy. Now they can get creative and arrange the different items as they see fit.

* PROMOTE PROBLEM-SOLVING AND CONFIDENCE: Watch your kid develop natural confidence as they play pretend pizza chef right in the kitchen. They can cut, serve, and clean up the pizza they provide to you like a little cook, helping them to solve problems and develop their own self-esteem.

* COMPLETELY SAFE FOR TODDLERS TO USE: Cook with this play kitchen food or kids baking set knowing your toddlers are going to remain safe. Watch your kids arrange the toppings and provide you with your very own dinner using water-based paint and BPA-free materials.

* PERFECT CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAY GIFT: This expansive play pretend pizza package is the perfect holiday or birthday present for families with toddlers. It's a creative cooking kit every single kid is going to love as they explore their natural creative tendencies.


Watch your little pizza chef come to life right before your very eyes! Finally, a safe and easy way for your kids to get excited in the kitchen. Watch your kids develop natural confidence and problem solving also encourages creativity and imagination. They can get creative and arrange the different items as they see fit.


What's included with this play pretend pizza package?

* 15 toppings
* 5 slices
* 1 serving platter
* 1 spatula
* 1 pizza cutter

Now your kids can have fun, play together, serve pizza, and learn everything they need to about managing a tight ship in the kitchen.


If you want to get your kids off of their computer screens and back into real life, this engaging, hands-on pizza kit will help them with • Hand-eye coordination

* Cognitive recall
* Reflexes
* Natural creativity

They won't have a computer screen making the decisions for them. It's time for them to learn their own problem-solving that will make them happier and more creative.