Moony Night Pants Size L (30 pc, 9-14 kg) for Boys

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Moony Night Time Sleeping Pants

  • Your baby's bed won't get wet with 120%*the absorption power of disposable diapers!
  • The Snug High Waist wraps around your baby's stomach without slipping, which means no leaks during the night. Your baby will be comfortable until morning no matter the sleeping position.
  • The Wrapping Tape makes disposal easy!
  • Our patented "Perfect Fit Gathers" stay perfectly secure around your baby's legs even when they toss and turn during the night, stopping urine from leaking out.
  • The soft and ventilated material allow sweat and moisture to air out for maximum comfort during the night!
  • Boys can feel like big boys in blue, and girls can feel like big girls in pink with our special colors! Your kids will love the designs and may even want to put them on by themselves.
  • When your baby doesn't need diapers anymore during the daytime, it's time for "Diapers that won't wet the bed! Has the power to absorb up to 1 bottle (500ml) of water!"


Boy Nappies

While nappies have been designed with boys and girls in mind, and they have separate nappies for each gender, many parents of boys may notice that mass-produced generic boy nappies aren’t as absorbent as girls’ nappies. When it comes to the design and absorbency of nappies for boys, especially as they get older, boys’ Moony night pants are an excellent choice for those going through the potty-training stage. Potty training is difficult enough without worrying about waking up to soiled sheets each morning.

Moony night pants can be used on children up to the weight of 22kgs, giving you plenty of time to have them potty trained and ready to wear regular underwear without the fear of an accident. We understand that not all boys are the same, and while many night pants sizes are sorted by age group, Moony has designed theirs by size and weight to allow selection of the perfect fit.

Reasons to Make the Switch to Boys’ Moony Night Pants

If you’ve been using mass-produced night pants for your little boy, you may notice that there are elastic marks left on their waist in the morning and that they have become stretched around the thigh area. These problems will no longer bother you when you use Moony night pants. The pants are designed to fit the thigh area snugly, without being too tight, and the material used to make the elasticated waist is soft.

Using Moony boy pants should be the top priority when it comes to your child’s comfort.