Natural Moony Organic Cotton Nappy - Size L (36 Pieces, Pants Type)

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Moonyman designed for babies

The most comfortable diaper filled with features just right for each stage of growth.


Moony Nappies

Moony is a premium Japanese diaper brand trusted by mums and dads worldwide for its innovative design and reliable moisture protection. Moony nappies emerged on the market in 1981 and have since won numerous product awards in Japan, elevating the brand’s international popularity. Moony offers parents consistently high-quality nappies - keeping your little one dry and comfortable during every precious first moment.

What Makes Moony Nappies a Trusted Diaper Brand Worldwide?

Many parents choose Moony for its overall premium feeling and quality Japanese construction. Here are some reasons why the nappies are fast becoming an Australian favourite.

Moony Night Pants Versus Tape Nappies

As your baby grows, the nappies they wear should change to suit their evolving needs. Moony offers diapers in traditional tape style and a range of pull-up pants for every stage of the baby’s development. Here’s a quick comparison to help you choose your next nappy pack.

If you are looking for a premium quality nappy brand for your baby, trust Moony to provide excellent, absorbent nappies directly from Japan. Choose from our selection of Japanese baby products online, available for same-day delivery across Australia.